Digital Innovation

I help companies understand how to navigate the digital marketing world, providing strategy and the access to partnerships and tools that deliver proven growth.

Finding new customers, unlocking value within your organisation and the data you hold are all part of my approach.  Everything delivered in a scalable solution that reflects your business needs and organisational capability.

I use a lean marketing approach to bring ideas to life quickly and cost effectively, blending the latest digital thinking with 20+ years of traditional marketing know-how.

Lean Marketing

What is Lean marketing all about?

Lean process represents a fundamental change in the way companies build websites, software, products and manage marketing. Lean is about validating hypotheses and iterating to reduce the size of failures and increase the possibilities of success. The Lean marketing process is highly iterative. Iteration, testing, and measurement are core tenants of the Lean philosophy.

Lean marketing is about using a feedback loop, data, iteration and validation to build success with marketing efforts quickly. Lean marketers study results of small, trial campaigns, learn from the results and evolve the elements of the campaign. Lean marketing is about testing a visual approach or mechanism. Lean marketing is always iterative.

Why is Lean marketing right for my business?

The lean approach is built for businesses that want to move to fast, grow business quickly and trial new strategies and approaches with the minimum of risk and investment. The focus on results supported by hard data and constant iteration makes it a fast, affordable, and effective way to market your products, no matter if you are a small startup, or a multi million pound business.

The established marketing process – drawing plans, rumination, designing marketing material, getting approval and then finally launching a campaign is too slow in the hyper competitive environment your company faces today. The lean process bypasses this, defining a core strategic framework that is based on your business objectives and available insight data. The framework establishes the core idea and marketing approach then lean kicks in deploying a series of tests (using the latest low cost marketing technology measurement tools) to test the assumptions, constantly iterating and improving to quickly find the solution that your audience wants, not what you assumed.

Lean enables businesses to take risks on a small scale, in discreet environments and with a minimum investment downside. With lean, failure is ok, so long as you learn from it and apply the knowledge gained to the next round.
The lean model enables you to react far faster to market changes, focus your investment on what works and move from a campaign based approach to an ‘all ways on’ strategy.

The elements of a lean marketing approach.

The first stage of growth is to define what success looks like for your company. It needs to be super clear in your mind — something you can visualise with perfect clarity.Not sure where to begin? Then book a ten minute call with me and I can help to get you started.
The next stage is to come up with a clear strategy to get you to your success goal. This is about brainstorming ideas and then prioritising them into a clear set of deliverable actions. These need to be grounded in reality and recognise what your business and team can realistically implement and produce with the resource available to you. Decide on your first MVMP (Minimally Viable Marketing Plan) that builds on a focussed idea to start testing the theory and approach. This could be as simple as starting to test new marketing messaging themes, or it could be as big as a website revamp. The key approach is to start small and get it out the door quickly.

Test your assumptions. If you want to test new marketing themes, test some new headlines on Adwords or Facebook, Looking at a new website build a dummy homepage and get it onto Verify. You will be amazed at what you will learn from a small sample within 24 hours. Modify the MVMP. In lean methodology, data defines your next direction; modify your plan and approach based on what you learnt in the last round and test again. As you iterate through each round you consistently reduce the negatives and see positivity grow amongst your sample. When you achieve consistent positive signals you have reached what the startup movement calls product-market fit or problem-solution fit. It’s when you create stuff that customers really want!
Continuously test and learn. The more data you collect the more insight you gain. As with lean product design the lean marketing focus is on continuous deployment and iteration based on first party actionable data. Every piece of marketing you deploy should be continuously analysed for engagement and relevance. This insight goes back into the loop to help you make future activity perform more effectively.Using a lean marketing methodology will help you transform your marketing approach, helping you focus your communication strategy, increase customer lifetime value and dramatically reduce your cost per acquisition. It empirically justifies the case for marketing investment and in most cases helps companies migrate away from a campaign based to ‘always on’ marketing mentality.

How I Can Help

21st century businesses need to run lean and remain constantly competitive to survive. Understanding the impact of technology on the way businesses are managed and perform is a daunting task. Although the impact of digitization is not new, the digital economy is at an inflection point, presenting unprecedented challenges for all companies. I help senior executives to digitally transform – customer experiences, business models and of course marketing.

The marketing mix is changing. All companies, be they B2B or B2C should be re-evaluating where and how they spend. Emerging digital channels and formats are creating greater opportunities for companies in all sectors. But it all needs to start with the audience. Brands need to focus heavily on refining their understanding of target audiences and step back to decide where they want to place their investments across both off and online channels. What is certain is that the use of ‘programmatic’ digital marketing will become more and more the norm within this marketing mix and proper attribution will be the key to success. I’ll help you develop a highly effective marketing strategy that’s driven by insights, enabling you to totally understand who the right customers are, where they are and what they need to engage.

Understanding what’s important in the increasingly fragmented digital landscape is complex. It’s easy to get carried away with ‘hot’ marketing technology, but prioritisation is key. Brands, advertisers and websites now need to know who is on their sites rather than just how many clicks a campaign delivers. Learning how your audience interacts and building robust first party data is crucial to stay competitive. I’ll help your business plan and invest wisely, approaching things strategically, from the top down – what is the business concerned about- what are the most effective routes to market and who are the technology partners you should be using.

The Lean Dream Team

With 15 years of digital experience I have amassed an unbundled network of highly motivated specialists. They know me, I know them and when we work together it’s a happy union. We hook ourselves together seamlessly using project management tools like Asana and Slack.

We act as the “special operations” of businesses—helping them integrate marketing, technology and design to achieve business goals. We fill in the talent gaps and become the strategy and execution engine to help companies grow, compete and succeed.

Web Development

I work side by side with a tight group of trusted developers and UX specialists. We work well together, they understand the brief and run hard and fast. They are thoroughly versed in Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, JQuery and Bootstrap. If the budgets tight and its more expedient, we’ll get you there quickly and cheaply using trusted platforms like Shopify or WordPress.

Data Fitness

All companies should be switching on to data’s strategic and commercial value. A robust data strategy is essential to realising any company’s digital ambitions and I’ll show you how to structure data so that it’s fit for purpose.

Content Marketing

The content you create, curate and share can be one of your best marketing tools. I’ll help you build a loyal following with human,relevant stories your audiences will want to share.

Social Media

I’ll devise the strategy and work with your team helping them develop their social skills.Too much to do already? I’ll work with content producers to ensure your social flow is meaningful and regular within your most relevant social channels.

Programmatic Media & Display Ads

Ready for programmatic? The ROI potential is huge but the options are mind boggling, I will help you navigate the choppy waters of programmatic media, identifying the correct partners to work with that reflects your business size, digital competence and growth ambitions.


SEO continues to get ever more complex as search engines use multiple unrelated signals to gauge relevance for users. Getting great SEO results is an art form that is increasingly focused on blending content relevance with page structure. I’ll show you how to make your web presence more effective, boost your quality score and improve your site’s rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


I’ll help you streamline your paid search performance, helping you identify your most valuable customers and segmenting your activity to maximise your ROI. Your customers are looking – I’ll make sure they find you.

Email Marketing

I’ll show you how to make email work so much harder, helping you to grow, segment and personalise audiences. Stimulate greater engagement with tailored content and messages and how to nurture and engage customers through the sales funnel.

Who I Work With

I work with companies big and small. Usually I get involved intensively for a bit, talking to your people and your customers, understanding what makes them tick and listening to your business needs and objectives.

I’ll work quickly and collaboratively with you to find the best route forward, then support your people to bring it alive. Or, if you are light on resource I’ll deliver a complete executed solution, working with your existing marketing partners or my extended network.

Once we are up and running you buy what you need, when you need it. There’s no set formula, it’s all tailored to your needs.

Clients Past and Present

About Me

I am a classically trained marketing professional, earning my stripes in multiple locations with global agency networks such as M&C Saatchi, TBWA and Carat.

I embraced digital 15 years ago and have significant knowledge in digital product development as well as digital marketing solutions.

It’s a fairly unique experience blend, enabling me to deliver a well-rounded strategic marketing perspective in an increasingly digital age.

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I’m based in London but work with clients across the UK. Drop me a mail, I’m extremely approachable and happy to discuss how I can help your business…